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Emergency Response

Bluefin is capable of responding 24/7/365 to emergency needs across a number of geographic markets and applications. Our mobile crews have the experience and equipment to provide relief during critical situations. We also offer custom engineered contingency plans that will enable your company to stay prepared in the event of a future disaster.

What We Do
  • Stormwater & Flood Control
  • Pipeline System Repair
  • Pigging & Pressure Testing
  • Environmental Remediation & Erosion Control

Industries We Serve

If you need us,
we’ll be there.

At Bluefin Environmental, we’re proud of our record of adapting our solutions to serve a wide variety of industries. From agricultural to industrial and anywhere in-between, we’re capable of responding to any need, 24/7/365.

  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Environmental
  • Industrial
  • Mining
  • Municipal/Utilities

Turnkey Solutions for Emergency Response

Our skilled team members are here to make your projects as seamless and easy as possible. We pride ourselves in our turnkey solutions for any project – big or small.


T H E   B L U E F I N   P R O M I S E

At the core of our organization, we believe integrity and safety steer our team to provide you the most innovative solutions for your project while being the most cost-effective. Quality and pride are our work. Integrity and safety are our values.